Don't wait to relive your special day.

Receive your complete wedding film within 10 weeks of your wedding or I’ll refund you in full. Claim a FREE wedding film concept to discover the magic of your wedding day.

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If you want to spend thousands of dollars on an impersonal wedding video, I can’t help you…

Still here?

Good. Then you know the value of memories.

You know it’s not spending the most on a wedding film that makes your day special.

But getting the most value for your money that counts. Right now, you want to use a wedding film to relive your special day. That means capturing all the wonder, intimacy, and fun of your wedding. And earning every dollar you spend back in the form of a timeless keepsake.

My business, 28 Wedding Films, solves every one of these problems for you.

Best of all?
You keep thousands of dollars in your pocket. Capture the story of your relationship in a unique, stunning, and personal wedding film. Share your special day with loved ones on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

But how can you be sure I’m the right videographer for you?

I would say I’m the best option, wouldn’t I?
So what would it mean to you to be able to claim a FREE wedding film concept and a 10-week turnaround guarantee
(if you don’t get your complete wedding film in 10 weeks, you don’t pay)?

Take Your Cash Back. Seriously...Take It!

I know you’ll love your new wedding film as much as I do. But in speaking to Victoria couples, it’s clear they don’t want to be left waiting to see results.

A wedding film is an investment in your own memories – it pays dividends with more exposure, more calls, and more sales.

But waiting to get what you paid for is frustrating, especially if your videographer gets bogged down in edits and keeps telling you “it’ll be ready tomorrow”.

So if you love your free wedding film concept and go ahead with one of my paid wedding film packages, I guarantee to return your complete wedding film within 10 weeks…or I’ll refund you in FULL.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! That’s my commitment to Victoria couples who don’t want jargon. They don’t want to be shouted at for wanting to pay less for premium wedding films.

I capture the essence of your wedding.

And get your complete wedding film to you within 10 weeks. Or I’ll refund you in full. It’s that simple.

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Think You Can’t Have It All?

Guess Again

(TWO bonuses for YOU)


You’re eligible for a FREE wedding film breakdown and strategy session


Don’t wait to relive your special day. Receive your complete wedding film within 10 weeks of your wedding or I’ll refund you in full.

free wedding film concepts given away and counting!


81% of Australian couples are already using wedding films to remember their special day. Is your competition already pulling ahead?

9 out of 10 Couples Waste Money on Wedding Films No One Watches. Are You One of Them?

When creating my free wedding film concept offering, I took into account what my customers have said about wedding films.

I understand that having a wedding film is something almost all Victoria couples want, but cost is an issue.

Many say they would use a wedding film in their wedding if the price was right, too. I took these reviews into consideration when designing my free shoot concept because I wanted to give local couples a chance to see how a wedding film would work for them – without paying a cent. And I want YOU to test the results with a FREE wedding film concept.